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Science series Be Curious premieres March 3

New local series to get SA curious about science 

Premiering 3 March 2024 on Channel 44 and CTV+, Be Curious is a new three-episode series that will break down barriers between scientists and the public and inspire the next generation of South Australian scientists and innovators.

Hosted by science communicator and first-time TV presenter Alison Kershaw from Inspiring SA, Be Curious explores the groundbreaking science and trailblazing technology happening in the North Terrace institutions that many of us pass every day. 

UniSA’s futuristic museum of discovery, MOD., brings together researchers, industry and students to be inspired by ideas at the intersection of science, art and innovation. In the exhibition Flex, Alison explores research into chronic pain and is surprised by the role played by our perceptions.

At the South Australian Museum, Alison meets the scientists, researchers and curators who advance our understanding of our world through collections ranging from the largest collection of precious opal in the world to Pacific Island bark cloth, taxidermy recreations of the iconic Adelaide Zoo flamingos and pieces of Martian rock.

At the Australian Space Discovery Centre, Alison meets a team of science innovators creating cutting-edge technology for an Australian future in space, including the design of an Australian rover that will conduct research on the Moon, new satellites that will support the Internet of Things, and the tools for long-term space exploration, including ways to sustainably grow plants in space and on Mars. 

“Inspiring SA is delighted to have joined forces with Channel 44 to showcase the diverse array of scientists and researchers working in Adelaide,” says Inspiring SA program manager and Be Curious host Alison Kershaw. “Inspiring SA works to create connections between science and the community and Be Curious is a celebration of curiosity and the paths it has led people down. It’s a gateway into the extraordinary work of fourteen scientists and researchers, delving into the fascinating world of science and innovation right here in Adelaide along North Terrace.”

“Not since the days of The Curiosity Show have we seen a TV series that explores South Australian stories of innovation and ground-breaking science,” says Channel 44 general manager Lauren Hillman. “Alison has a warm and genuine curiosity for science and the extraordinary, untold stories of the people making big advances in science right now in the world-class science and medical institutions along North Terrace. We are incredibly proud to premiere such a fascinating and high-quality, locally produced series that we are certain audiences will find really interesting.”

Be Curious premieres at 8.00pm on 3 March 2024 on Channel 44 across the Adelaide metropolitan area and everywhere via livestream and on-demand on community TV streaming platform CTV+.

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Be Curious is a co-production of Channel 44 and Inspiring SA, collaborating with Six Foot Four Productions.

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