How to watch Channel 44

Watch C44 on free-to-air TV across the Adelaide metropolitan area or stream C44 programs live and on-demand on CTV+.

Streaming on CTV+

CTV+ is Australia’s home of community TV online, where you can stream C44 Adelaide and C31 Melbourne programs live and on-demand anytime at or on the CTV+ app available now in your app store.

Watching on free-to-air TV

Channel 44 broadcasts on free-to-air TV from Mount Lofty in the Adelaide Hills. If you are having trouble receiving our live signal, you may need to re-scan your digital television or set-top box or see our troubleshooting suggestions.

Automatic tuning

Televisions and digital set-top boxes have tuners that allow different channel settings to be memorised and stored on preselected positions. Digital TVs and set-top boxes also contain electronic program guides (EPGs) that allow you to see what programs are coming up on all the available channels.

In most cases there will be a Menu button on your remote control that will allow you to follow a series of prompts in order to re-scan for new channels. If you have difficulty doing this, the instructions that came with your television set or set-top box are the best guide for automatic tuning as methods vary from model to model. If you do not have the instructions you can look for them on the manufacturer’s website.

Manual tuning

In some cases you may need to manually tune your television or set-top box. The manufacturer’s instructions that came with your television set are the best guide for manual tuning as methods vary from model to model. C44 transmits digitally on a frequency of 564.5 MHz.


A good UHF outdoor antenna, pointed at our Mt Lofty transmitter, is recommended. Indoor antennas may not be able to pick up C44 in some areas.

A good quality coaxial cable is recommended. Many reception problems are due to poor cabling. Ask your local electrical retailer if you are unsure about your cabling.

Picture break-up may indicate insufficient signal strength. It may be due to an obstacle, such as a building, between your antenna and the transmitter at Mount Lofty. Try to relocate the antenna on your property. Obtaining a masthead (booster) amplifier may resolve this.

Broadcast coverage is approximate. Television reception in specific areas is subject to geographical, technical and environmental conditions. C44 does not have a foothills relay like other broadcasters, so you may experience a weaker signal in the foothills.

If you are not in the broadcast area or are struggling to pick up the signal, you can still watch C44 via livestream and on-demand on CTV+ at