Internships available for aspiring First Nations screenmakers

Applications are open now for the 2023 First Nations Internship Program (FNIP), an initiative of the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) and Channel 44 to provide career pathways for First Nations screenmakers.

The FNIP will support up to five 80-hour internships in which First Nations screenmakers will be will be mentored across key creative and crew roles, including hands-on experience in television production, to learn new skills and create original content.

The internship will include a stipend of $1000 per person to be paid on completion of 80 hours.

Over the past few years this partnership has provided an important platform for First Nations voices, including Mob Talks, a series created and produced by participants of the First Nations Internship Program to address social issues in First Nations communities with funding secured through the Community Broadcasting Foundation. Also First Nations Fringe, a series profiling First Nations artists performing in the Adelaide Fringe, including musicians Electric Fields, comedian Josh Warrior and actor Elaine Crombie. As well as providing opportunities to work on a wide range of C44 productions, from documentaries to social media content to live events.

What does an intern do at Channel 44?

Up to five interns will be mentored by experienced Channel 44 staff. What duties interns do will depend on current skills and experience, the opportunities available at the time of the internship, and what skills interns would like to learn, but might include such roles and functions as

  • Assistant Producer
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Broadcast Assistant
  • Production Assistant, or
  • Editor

On the completion of 80 hours, interns will receive a stipend of $1000. Opportunities for paid work on future C44 productions may be available.


Who is eligible?

  • Applicants must be of Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander descent.
  • Applicants must be based in South Australia.
  • Applicants must have an interest in TV production.
  • Some filmmaking experience is preferred but not essential.


Expectations of participants

  • Commitment to 80-hour internship with Channel 44.
  • Office-based, preferably 9.30am-5pm x 1 day per week but hours may be negotiated.
  • Some weekend and out-of-hours work required.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.


How do I apply?

Please complete the below form and tell us more about yourself. What sort of work would you like to do? What’s your current experience? Have you worked on other productions? Are you studying?

Got questions? Please feel free to call Albert Jamae on 0420 98 4239 or email