2023 Antenna Awards nominees announced

The Antenna Awards are back to celebrate the best of Australian community TV! The 2023 Antenna Awards will be held on 28 October 2023 at Fed Square, Melbourne, and broadcast live on Channel 44 and CTV+.

The list of nominees announced this week is a celebration of the diversity in our community and the breadth of talent in the community TV sector. The Antennas recognise and raise up the stories, cultures, and experiences that often go underrepresented in mainstream media. 

"The 2023 Antenna Awards recognise and celebrate the diverse, hyper-local and high-quality content that is being produced by local program makers all around Australia every week," says C44 Adelaide general manager Lauren Hillman. "These awards also represent the strength in our sector. Despite many challenges over the past ten years, community TV continues to deliver pathways to industry for grass-roots creatives learning the craft of producing content for television and online on our national free streaming platform, CTV+."

The awards could not have come at a more exciting time for the community TV sector. With a renewed sense of purpose and a clear vision for the future, community broadcasters are optimistic about a long-term future. The 2023 Antenna Awards are a powerful reminder of the essential role that community TV plays in fostering emerging local talent and providing space for Australian stories.
This year sees the introduction of the CTV+ Program of the Year award, which will recognise the most popular program among the 110 available on the newly established community TV streaming service CTV+. The CTV+ platform offers viewers the opportunity to stream community TV programs anytime, anywhere, making the content accessible to a broader audience. CTV+ is currently available via the web at, on iOS and Android stores, and coming to smart TVs in mid-2024.

“These awards come at a pivotal time for our sector,” says C31  Melbourne and Geelong general manager and Australian Community Television Alliance president Shane Dunlop. “After a decade of instability and destructive Federal policy, community TV still stands. We are now well placed to secure a long-term future on free-to-air television and are excited about ushering in a new national footprint for community TV behind the excellent CTV+ service. The Antenna Awards have always been a fantastic expression of what makes community television great and will represent a chance for our program makers, staff, volunteers and viewers at home to celebrate our ongoing contribution to the cultural landscape of Australia.”

The Antenna Awards, produced by C31 Melbourne, will be broadcast live from Federation Square’s Deakin Edge. Hosted by comedian Lizzy Hoo and featuring musical guest The Putbacks, the 2023 Antenna Awards will honour the outstanding work of 90 program makers, broadcasters, and producers.
Watch live from 7.30pm ACST on Channel 44 or stream it on CTV+ at

2023 Antenna Awards Nominees

Best Music Program 

  • By Popular Demand 
  • MUUZOstream 
  • Melbourne Musos 
  • Fringe 2023 10×10 
  • Megamusic TV 
  • Music People 

Best Non-Factual Program 

  • The Pinoy Lounge 
  • The Struggle 
  • The Buckley Sessions 
  • Hello, Hi and Good Morning 
  • The Divide 
  • Hot Comedians in Your Area 

Best Seniors Program 

  • Paula’s Place 
  • Move It or Lost It 
  • Our Time 
  • Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle 
  • Good Evening Melbourne 
  • Over 50? So What! 

Best Interview Program 

  • The Art Hunter 
  • Inspired By 
  • Legends with Bevo 
  • Bent TV 
  • Mob Talks 
  • Foreign Influence 

Outstanding Journalism in a Program 

  • Couch 44 
  • Inspired By 
  • The Struggle 
  • MOJO News 2022 – Australia Decides 
  • Beats of Colour 
  • The Divide 

Best Sports Program 

  • The Local Footy Show 
  • Couch 44 
  • In Pit Lane 
  • SA Sports Show 
  • Spacequake Sports 
  • NEMBC AFL Panel Show 

Best Outdoor and/or Recreational Program 

  • Fishing Mad 
  • Talking Fishing 
  • Off The Couch With Ethan 
  • Two Blokes and a Motorbike 
  • Bay to Birdwood 40 Years 
  • The Feel Good Family 

Best Culturally and/or Linguistically Diverse Program 

  • Now You Know 
  • Youth Rustalk 
  • Foreign Influence 
  • MHTV: Hungarofest 
  • The Sri Lanka Morning Show 
  • Aussie Malaysian TV 

Best Live and/or Outside Broadcast Program 

  • Wait… We’re Live?! 
  • LaNCE TV 
  • Spacequake Sports 
  • Talking Fishing 
  • Sunday Service from St. Patricks Cathedral  
  • MOJO News 2022 – Australia Decides 

Outstanding New Producer 

  • Ben Murphy (Live from St Kilda with Ben Murphy
  • Bol Mayan (The Seed Network
  • Rod Davies (By Popular Demand
  • Madison Siegertsz (Couch 44
  • Lucy Griffin (Good Tucker
  • Ruby Edwards (The Cutting Room

Best Arts Program 

  • Outta The Can 
  • The Art Hunter 
  • SALA Festival Stories 
  • Beats of Colour 
  • Live from St Kilda with Ben Murphy 
  • Dot Music 

Outstanding Personality in a Youth Program 

  • David Doherty (Couch 44
  • Sam Murphy (By Popular Demand
  • Isabella Taylor (Inspired By
  • Wren Gillett (The Struggle
  • Ethan White (Off The Couch with Ethan
  • Harrison Ewart-Dart (Hello, Hi and Good Morning!

Best Factual Program 

  • You Are Not Alone 
  • Kids Health with Dr. Nelu 
  • Couch 44 
  • Newsline – RMIT 
  • MOJO News 2022 – Australia Decides 
  • Media Breakdown 

Best Special Interest or Lifestyle Show 

  • Dog Jobs 
  • Get Dirty with Milton Indoors 
  • Classic Restos 
  • Five or Eight 
  • Good Tucker 
  • The Cellar Door: Australia 

Outstanding Personality in a Seniors Program 

  • Malcolm Harslett (Our Time) 
  • Minie Minarelli (Move It or Lose It
  • Carol O’Halloran (Over 50? So What!
  • Master Song (Move It or Lose It
  • Paula Nagel (Paula’s Place

Outstanding Contribution to Community by a Program 

  • Mob Talks 
  • You Are Not Alone 
  • Kids Health with Dr. Nelu 
  • ReFramed 
  • The Local Footy Show 
  • Bent TV 

Best Youth Program 

  • Off The Couch with Ethan 
  • The Struggle 
  • Wait… We’re Live?! 
  • The Divide 
  • Hello, Hi & Good Morning 
  • Couch 44 

Best Performance in a Non-Factual Program 

  • Maddy Weeks (Wait… We’re Live?!
  • Beth Pardoe (Aunty Mojo
  • Lisa Fremder (Fruit Salad
  • Lydia Strohfeldt (The Struggle
  • Maryanne Liberati (Tell Us Another One
  • Cherie Laurent (Ma Cherie

Outstanding Direction in a Program 

  • Madison Siegertsz (Couch 44
  • Lauren Colosimo (The Eco Show
  • Evan Munro-Smith (Media Breakdown
  • Helen Parkes (Wait… We’re Live?!
  • Benny Greggs (Coming Together Christmas
  • Matt Mitchell & Alicia McMillan (MOJO News 2022 – Australia Decides

Outstanding Editing in a Program 

  • Ripley Hart (Couch 44
  • Michael Palethorpe (The Beer Pioneer
  • Cherie Laurent (Ma Cherie
  • Paul Turner (The Reel Thing
  • Hamish Fahey (Fruit Salad
  • Benny Greggs (Coming Together Christmas

Outstanding Camera Work in a Program 

  • Joseph Clark (Couch 44
  • Michale Palethorpe, Otto McKinnon & Kelly Hildreth (Last Drinks: WA
  • John Decaux (The Bush Bee Man
  • Hari Gannason, Nick Jackson & Michael Palethorpe (The Eco Show
  • Benny Greggs (Coming Together Christmas
  • Dean Giakoumakis (Reel Fun Lifestyle & Fishing

Outstanding Creative Achievement in a Program 

  • The Struggle 
  • Wait… We’re Live?! 
  • Impromptu TV 
  • Fruit Salad 
  • 10×10 
  • The Art of Reconciliation 

Personality of the Year 

  • Miss Katalyna (The Bent Spoon
  • Harbir Singh (The NEMBC AFL Show
  • Wren Gillett (The Struggle
  • Bol Mayan (The Seed Network
  • Dr. Nelu (Kids Health with Dr. Nelu
  • Jason Clymo (ReFramed
  • Bridie Shepherd (The Eco Show
  • Marcellus Enalanga (Mob Talks

Program of the Year 

  • The Bent Spoon 
  • Mob Talks 
  • Good Tucker 
  • The Seed Network 
  • Cash 4 Trash 
  • The Beer Pioneer 
  • The Bush Bee Man 
  • The Eco Show