Get dirty with Milton - indoors

Get dirty with Milton — indoors!

Do you love houseplants but can’t seem to keep them from wilting? Do you want some tips and trick for keeping indoor plants in tip-top shape? Well it’s time to get dirty with Milton — indoors!

Everyone’s favourite garden guru is back to show you how to care for your houseplants in Get Dirty with Milton — Indoors! Host Milton Vadoulis has you covered with basic and advanced techniques, advice on varieties, conditions, watering and more in a way that’s easy to understand way and always with a laugh.

The twelfth series of Get Dirty with Milton is the first that focuses on indoor plans, with six info-packed episodes about ferns, palms and cacti to more exotic plants like bonsai and African violets. Plus lots of advice about pruning, potting staking and other ways to care for your garden.

Get Dirty with Milton — Indoors premieres Thursday 8 June on Channel 44 and on-demand on CTV+.

Watch it now on CTV+

Watch Get Dirty with Milton: Indoors now on community TV streaming platform CTV+

Episode 1 (8 June)

  • Do ferns make good indoor plants?
  • How to grow succulents inside
  • How to choose the right palm for indoors
  • How and why to prune your indoor plants
  • What is a variegated plant and what to look out for to keep them looking good
  • How to grow cyclamen indoors

Episode 2 (15 June)

  • How and why to stake indoor plants
  • How to tell when your indoor plants need watering and methods to water them
  • What are the best indoor plants for low-light rooms?
  • How to keep cacti looking good indoors
  • Should you use self-watering pots?

Episode 3 (22 June)

  • What type of potting mix should you use?
  • How to pot your indoor plants
  • How to grow in hydro: what is it and how do you use it?
  • How to grow plants in terrariums


Episode 4 (29 June)

  • How to grow African violets
  • How to pot African violets
  • How to propagate indoor plants


Episode 5 (6 July)

  • How to grow bonsai indoors
  • How to identify and treat for pests and diseases
  • How to grow plants on totems
  • How to grow orchids indoors
  • How to grow maidenhair ferns


Episode 6 (13 July)

  • Indoor plants for beginners: how to choose the best plants to start with
  • How, when and with what to feed your indoor plants
  • How to grow indoor plants in hanging baskets
  • How to take care of indoor plants in winter
  • Which indoor plants are best around pets?
  • Indoor plants for the more experienced gardener


About Milton

Milton always had a love for plants. He studied horticulture and travelled the world to educate himself even more of new and emerging gardening techniques. He became president of state, national and international garden industry associations; he’s a regular contributor to radio programs about gardening; and he’s been running his own retail garden centre and production nursery for 46 years.

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