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C44 event 10×10 wins Adelaide Fringe award

Our music video collab event 10×10 won Best Film & Digital or interactive Award in the weekly Adelaide Fringe awards! 

You can watch the whole 10×10 event, including all twelve music videos as screened at The Mercury, on Channel 44 on Sunday 12 March at 9pm.

The Adelaide Fringe awards acknowledge outstanding events across fourteen genres. Judged by a panel of arts industry leaders and lovers, the weekly awards mark the ‘must-see’ events and are announced each week.

10×10 teams ten bands with ten filmmakers to produce ten music videos in just ten days! A total of twelve bands and filmmakers participated, beginning with a workshop with filmmaker Norwood Cheek and some speed-dating-like team-ups at The Mercury on February 14, then a screening of all twelve completed videos at The Mercury on February 25, with live performances by participants Bindi Blacher and Sean Blackwell

10×10 is an initiative of LA-based filmmaker Norwood Cheek, which was delivered by C44 in partnership with The Mercury and the Adelaide Fringe,  to team ten bands or musicians with ten local filmmakers to collaborate on the production of ten music videos to promote emerging local bands and filmmakers and foster creative collaboration.

“What I love about it is 10×10 really becomes such a snapshot of that time and that moment in that place. This is the Adelaide music scene right now, in 2023,” Cheek told InDaily.

“With music videos, they inherently have this life because the band is going to use it … as a tool to kind of help them get gigs or notoriety or just promote their song.

“For filmmakers, what I love about music videos is that with every music video I’ve done I always try to do something new visually, something that I haven’t tried before, and I think that’s what’s exciting about music videos – it’s a time for the filmmakers to kind of experiment.”

C44 general manager Lauren Hillman told InDaily, “The clips are fun, and it’s impressive what they’ve achieved in such a short period time. 

“We [also] support the 48 Hour Film Project every year and I love the fast turnaround and the time pressures that creates, and in a similar way this event creates a hive of activity, which is very Fringe-esque.”

Here in Adelaide, we topped expectations with twelve teams! (Listed below.) 

  1. Tonix x Myles McEwen
  2. DJ Trip x Gavin Coombs
  3. Street Legal x Harry Kellaway and Kristoffer Lucia
  4. Tris Beaumont x Ben Adlington
  5. George Glass x Oliver Quixley and Sarah Whyte
  6. Bindi Blacher x Adam Jenkins
  7. Blind Coyote x Iris Wide Shut
  8. Ethan Davis x Cameron Tough
  9. Loose Units x Finn Birch
  10. Night Rites x Mike Retter
  11. Mums Favourite x Yoris Beltsin
  12. Sean Blackwell x Jordan Alchin
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