SAGE showcases booming SA games industry

The South Australian Film Corporation hosted the inaugural SAGE: South Australian Game Exhibition on February 10 at Adelaide Studios, as captured by C44 below. 

Over 800 game developers and gaming enthusiasts visited stands by 19 local studios, experiencing the breadth of talent in the state’s thriving video game development industry. The SA game development industry is home to an abundance of games industry professionals, from large indie studios to solo developers working across desktop, console and mobile, to creatives working in XR, animation and robotics.

SAGE enabled SA developers to showcase their games in front of industry, Government and the general public, and allowed aspiring developers, students, fans, players and enthusiasts to meet the people behind the games and play them.

Exhibiting at SAGE were A Few Dragons; Blue Moon Games; Dino Rocket Games; Golden Age Studios; Half Giant; Juicy Cupcake; Melonhead Games; Mighty Kingdom; Mini Mammoth Games; Lamplight Forest & Orchid of Redemption; Ortum Games; Paper Cactus Games; Planet Pumpkin; Pond Games; Split Symmetry; Stellar Advent; Voxon Photonics; We Have Always Lived in the Forest and We Made a Thing Studios.

SAGE was formally opened by the Hon Andrea Michaels MP,  Minister for Arts, who also launched the SAFC’s new SA Video Game Creatives digital brochure – a handy downloadable guide to the state’s game development sector, featuring illustrated listings of more than 35 local studios and information about their work — and the SAFC’s new SA Games trailer (below).

Made by local studio Half Giant, the trailer highlights and celebrates just a fraction of the incredible games being made right here in South Australia, featuring titles by Lamplight Forest, Makers Empire, Stellar Advent, Split Symmetry, Team Cherry, Stuart’s Pixel Games, Ortum Games, Exbleative, We Have Always Lived in the Forest, Odd Games, Blue Moon Games, Monkeystack, Foxie Games, Golden Age Studios, Top Chop Games, We Made a Thing, Juicy Cupcake, A Few Dragons, Pond Games, Mini Mammoth Games, Melonhead Games, Paper Cactus Games, Planet Pumpkin Games, DalaKoala Games, Mighty Kingdom, Monomyth Games and Joy Everafter Stories.