The Divide

New generation-gap series The Divide to premiere

Premiering Sunday 18 December at 8pm, The Divide is a six-part series tackling the generational divide between Boomers and Gen Z head on!

Host and comedian Lori Bell holds court as panels debate the pros and cons of progress on issues including political correctness, dating, mental health, work ethics, body image and LGBTQ rights.

The Divide is a co-production of UniSA and C44, with support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation, and launched with a preview screening (pictured) at UniSA’s City West campus.

The production of the series provided UniSA Creative Industries students with the rare opportunity to develop a TV series from concept through production and gain a valuable broadcast credit, the first step to a career in screen production.

“Being a part of The Divide provided a wealth of opportunities,” says writer and cast member Brennan Lockwood. “The working environment encouraged me to take ownership and implement my learnings from the classroom at UniSA into a professional setting. I was fortunate enough to contribute to the meat and bones of the show in the writers room, and see our teams work pan out on screen during the production/shooting of the show. 

“Overall, this experience is a run on the board, along with lessons and teachings I continue to draw from in my day to day. I would encourage anybody with an interest in the screen sector to jump on board a project like this in the future. The mentorship and guidance I received from UniSA and Channel 44 was invaluable in shaping me into the professional I am today.”

“Working with emerging content creators critical to the growth of our local screen industry,” says C44 producer Albert Jamae. “Partnerships like this between Channel 44 and UniSA are crucial in that they create opportunities like The Divide, giving real hands-on experience, from the early concept stage through to final delivery.  

“As a local producer and writer myself, it was personally an inspiring opportunity to work with young enthusiastic minds who are keen to not only make unique content but have a positive impact within their community.”

The Divide airs Sundays at 8pm on Channel 44 from 18 December 2022.

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Images: Clare Elvia