You Are Not Alone doco airs Saturday

On Saturday 15 October, Channel 44 will air the award-winning documentary You Are Not Alone, about the loss and grief of miscarriages.

You Are Not Alone, by director Lyndal Redman, explores the things we don’t normally talk about after miscarriages happen, and a story of one woman finally giving birth. Through the stories of those who’ve suffered multiple losses, this remarkably personal and often challenging documentary takes a closer look at the emotional and physical impacts on women and their partners.

It delves into the experiences of couples and families who have lost a baby, as well as a leading obstetrician, researchers and support organisations, about the medical reasons behind miscarriage and the support that exists for the many thousands who experience it each year.

“Being open and talking about our loss helped me get through [my miscarriage],” says director Lyndal Redman. “But what it also did was opened my eyes to how many others had gone through what I was experiencing. I thought we needed to be able to discuss this openly and honestly.

“To break down the stigma that is still attached to miscarriage. The blame, the hurt, the misunderstanding that women and men go through. To be able to properly invest in this storyline as a filmmaker, I think it was important to have gone through it personally, to be able to be empathetic and understanding to those who were willing to share and be part of the project.”

You Are Not Alone airs on Channel 44 at 8.30pm, Saturday 15 October.

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