Jaws to terrorise suburban pool!

The 2022 Adelaide Film Festival is almost here and it will arrive in Marion before the official opening in the city on October 19.

The AFF in the ‘Burbs program includes two screenings, beginning with blockbuster classic Jaws at the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre on Friday 7 October. Then later the world premiere of Ride, about BMX racers Sam and Alise Willoughby, at Marion Event Cinemas on Thursday 27 October.

Spielberg’s 1975 classic Jaws is iconic for those underwater shark’s-eye view shots and that menacing two-note attack motif by composer John Williams. Now you can watch it in the pool under the big screen, surrounded by inflatable sharks! (For those wanting a more relaxed viewing, seating is available in the comfort of the stands.)

This an M-rated screening and it’s on Friday 7 October 2022 at 7:00pm at SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre, Marion. Tickets are available at adelaidefilmfestival.org.

Ride is about way more than BMX racing. It tracks the lives and careers of Sam and Alise Willoughby, two champions who fall in love and conquer the world of BMX, an extreme sport where every race is a dance with danger. But when a training accident takes away everything they have known, Sam and Alise must find the strength and resilience to win their greatest victory. Ride paints a bold picture of re-invention in the world of disability, and what makes true champions and astonishing human beings, both on and off the track.

Ride screens at Marion Event Cinemas on Thursday 27 October at 6:30pm and at Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas on Sunday 30 October at 11:30am. Tickets are available at adelaidefilmfestival.org.

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