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Local football returns to free-to-air TV with NPLSA finals

For the first time in over 30 years, local football will return to free-to-air TV when C44 airs the RAA NPLSA and WNPLSA grand  finals live this September!

The RAA NPLSA Grand Final will air on Friday 9 September from 7.00pm, and the WNPLSA Grand Final on Friday 23 September, with a kick-off time to be confirmed. Both games will be broadcast live on Channel 44 across Adelaide and via livestream on CTV+ and NPL.TV.



C44 general manager Lauren Hillman said, “We are absolutely thrilled that we are going to be broadcasting these grand finals for the first time in a very long time. With the buzz around the FIFA Women’s World Cup next year, we know there is a real desire to engage with local sport, which is what we do best at community TV. We just know that our audiences are going to be really excited to be able to watch the NPLSA on Channel 44.”

Football SA CEO Michael Carter is thrilled with the partnership: “We’re continuing to create ways to connect the game’s corporate partners to the local community and have our players showcased on the national stage. Over 150,000 people watch Channel 44 each month in the Adelaide metropolitan area and we are absolutely delighted with this partnership. This is going to be great for the local game and we look forward to seeing the results. There’s a lot of great things planned for 2023 onwards and we’re delighted to start with this announcement.”

Adelaide City men’s player Aladin Irabona said, “This is a massive opportunity for both the men’s and women’s game as well and I think it’s fantastic. The more people and fans you can have watching the game, the more you want to perform and play well.”

West Adelaide’s and former Adelaide United A-League Women’s player Meleri Mullan thinks this is a big moment for the women’s game in South Australia:  “It’s absolutely fantastic to have the WNPLSA Grand Final on free-to-air TV ahead of the Women’s World Cup here next year. It’s great that we are able to showcase the talent we have here in South Australia.”