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Entries closing for Adelaide Fringe poster competition!

Your artwork could become the emblematic image of the 2023 Adelaide Fringe!

The Adelaide Fringe is looking for talented creatives from around Australia or across the globe to take part in their annual poster competition.

The winner will receive $6,000 in prize money, free registration for an exhibition at the Adelaide Fringe, and the massive exposure of being the symbol of 2023’s Adelaide Fringe. Designs can be submitted to the Adelaide Fringe website here. Entries close 7 August 2022.

This year they’re looking for a design that represents the “sunshine after the rain”, while also still capturing the spirit of the Fringe and expressing what it means to them.

2022s winner Mali Isabel captured the energy of the Adelaide Fringe with her painting A Whimsical World, which used a colourful palette to express life, diversity, positivity and creativity.

“Adelaide Fringe is all about transcending traditional ideas, rules and ways to create meaningful new ideas, forms and experiences. Fringe is a massive collaboration involving thousands of participants and the poster design is always a key part of the Fringe season,” said Heather Croall, CEO and Artistic Director of Adelaide Fringe.

For more info, visit the Adelaide Fringe website.