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New series explores lives of butchers

A new three-part series premiering June 30 on Channel 44 delves into one of the oldest trades in the world: butchery.
Trade Stories: Butchers follows six butchers and tells their stories of the generations that have carried the trade forward, the challenges they face, and what it takes to become a good butcher. Buying locally farmed meat from a local butcher is not just about personalised service and that famous butcher banter. It links us directly with the provenance of our food and strengthens our communities. Trade Stories: Butchers invites viewers into the lives of real butchers and farmers and shows us the integral roles they play in providing for and supporting their communities, and in turn the ways in which we all benefit by supporting butchers who support local producers. Butchers like Carly (32) who was a hairdresser and keen cook when she became fascinated by the origins and different cuts of meat and decided to retrain as a butcher. Or Kris (29) a third-generation butcher and farmer whose family business was saved by their community when a shopping centre redevelopment forced them to relocate their Brighton store to a shipping container until strong customer support enabled the family to open a new store. And Sam (51) who has owned her Seaford store with her husband for 20 years. After being diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2007, Sam’s community rallied to support her and her store and, after Sam recovered and created the Pink Butcher initiative, helped her to raise over $10,000 for breast cancer research. “These are great stories which really shine a light on the important role the humble local butcher plays in our community. From good advice about the right cut of steak and how to cook it, to supporting local clubs and charities, through to supporting local farms and producers,” said C44 general manager Lauren Hillman. “These stories really show what a rewarding trade butchery is,” said producer Luke Moody. “They cut through preconceived notions about the industry, show us how the increasing number of women is changing it for the better, and how farming and shopping local is critical to industry and environmental sustainability.” Trade Stories: Butchers premieres Thursday 30 June at 7.30pm and will be available on-demand on CTV+ at ctvplus.org.au. The series is presented by Apprentice Butchers of South Australia and supported by the Community Broadcasting Foundation, the Department for Innovation and Skills and the Australian Meat Industry Council