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Adelaide Fringe 2022 poster revealed!

The countdown to the Adelaide Fringe has officially began with the unveiling of the official 2022 Fringe poster!

A Whimsical World is the work of artist Mali Isabel, an emerging 22-year-old Arabana and Kokatha woman who is not only the youngest winner but the first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artist in the festival’s 62-year history! Mali’s winning design illuminates with excitement and joy, bringing symbolic storytelling and fiery personality through the rainbow dot design. The poster draws inspiration from Adelaide’s transformative festival landscape, including the Torrens River and the vibrant East End, using colours which symbolise life, creativity, positivity and the diversity of the Fringe.

“The scattered symbols and dots throughout the painting hold meanings that will shift in the eye of the beholder,” said Ms Isabel. “They represent the hundreds of gatherings, performances, venues and exhibitions that take place across the city throughout Adelaide Fringe, highlighting the many unique and fulfilling experiences available.

“Each colour used to create the piece represents something different: red symbolises adventure, orange is excitement, pink is creativity, yellow is positivity, green is life, brown is diversity, blue is imagination, purple is spirituality, silver is magic, gold is connection, and white is joy. The combination of these colours celebrates the spirit of the Adelaide Fringe and all it has to offer.”

Adelaide Fringe Director and CEO Heather Croall stated that this year’s competition attracted 360 entries from 11 different countries, with Ms Isabel’s design a standout to the judging panel and a runaway favourite in the public vote. As part of the tradition, the winning artist was awarded a $3,000 prize, plus free event registration and support to present their own exhibition as part of the 2022 festival.

“Thank you to the hundreds of competition entrants this year. We are honoured to be revealing the first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander poster winner in Fringe’s history. We are grateful that Mali decided to enter the poster design competition to share her incredible talent with Fringe and the world,” said Ms Croall.

The 2022 Adelaide Fringe will run from February 18 until March 20 and you can find all the details at www.adelaidefringe.com.au.