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Over-50s dating/cooking show Recipe for Love coming 2021

Recipe for Love Recipe for Love is a new, South Australian-produced cooking and dating show helping over-50s find love and friendship. The series by Corner Table Productions will premiere on Channel 44 on 1 February 2021. Recipe for Love aims to combat loneliness in our community by marrying two of TV audiences’ favourite genres for a dating-cooking show exclusively for the over-50s searching for love and an adventurous new chapter of their lives. Each episode features one singleton enticed by dishes lovingly prepared by two dates. After dining together, our singleton chooses one date to progress with for a dessert date. Now the tables are turned as they cook a delicious sweet treat for their special guest and both have a chance to delve a little deeper and really get to know each other. Watch the promo here. The Recipe for Love concept came out of producers Georgia Humphreys and Marion Pilowsky‘s participation in the OUT OF THE BOX initiative run by Mercury CX and Channel 44 in July 2019 and later won funding to produce the premiere season in the ABC’s Collinswood studios. So why did Humphreys (a millennial) and Pilowsky (a baby boomer) team up to make a dating/cooking show for over-50s? “We both love dating and food shows,” says Marion. “So we thought why not combine them and create something that was an antidote to some of the crazier, controversial shows out there. We also discovered that the over-50s are completely underserved in the TV dating space and thought, that’s not right!”
“We want to cure loneliness!” says Georgia. Recipe For Love features only 50-plus singles—the group least likely to reach out and create new connections in our complex digital world.
Recipe For Love is a show with heart and warmth that isn’t about winning and where the audience will deeply connect with the authentic and wise people they will be watching,” says Georgia. Contestants don’t have to be Masterchefs, either. “It was the stories behind the food we were interested in,” says Marion. “What did your mum always make for Sunday lunch when you were a kid? What did you eat on your travels that rocked your world? We were much more interested in sharing these memories and the emotions behind them.” The production created fifteen crew jobs and attachment opportunities for emerging SA crew in a year when employment opportunities have been scarce. Channel 44 General Manager Lauren Hillman says, “At a time when we all need it most, Recipe for Love is such a breath of fresh air and we are absolutely thrilled to be premiering it at the start of 2021. This series has been so important for the South Australian media industry. Not only did it create paid opportunities for local crew during a pandemic but as part of the Out of Box initiative, Channel 44 negotiated to re-ignite production in the ABC studios.” Recipe for Love premieres on Monday 1 February 2021 at 7.30pm on Channel 44. Feedback from contestants:
Since the show maybe my confidence is boosted enough to try online again, ya never know!! Jo, 67   I’m a happy little chappy. It was an amazing day, the crew helped me relax and enjoy the experience. I would do it all over again! Now I am planning a trip on the Ghan and still cooking for family and friends! Alice, 77   Thank you for believing in me and allowing me to shine and show a little piece of me. I had such a fabulous day with you all. And I’ve now joined a dating site for the first time in my life!! I have not given up. Angelique, 50   I’m still enthusiastically awaiting an enchanted dance within the delightful tango of love!!! Jono, 55
Tune in for episode 1 at 7.30 pm on Monday 1 February 2021!