Fleurieu Film Fest

Fleurieu Film Fest finalists announced

Finalists in the 2023 Fleurieu Film Festival have been announced ahead of the awards night on Saturday 4 February.

Tickets are available now to a screening of all finalist short films, with great local food and wine among the vines at the picturesque McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Coast Visitors Centre. Plus performances by City of Onkaparinga Concert Band and local folk duo The Yearlings on the lawns, followed by the finalist shorts, and wrapping up with the announcement of the winning films. Purchase your tickets now!

See below for the full list of finalists.

2023 Fleurieu Film Festival Finalists


The Love We Lost

Directed by Jon-Luc d’Lima

Produced by Amy Rose Hancock

SA, Drama

Two sisters, disconnected by grief, struggle to establish a new family unit in the wake of their father’s death.


In the Present

Directed by Ryan Nash

Produced by Daniel Franzon

SA, Comedy

An unnamed gift arrives and the lazy Ben can’t resist his curiosity, despite the warning of his sensible roommate, Bill.



Directed by Nick Crowhurst

Produced by Jasmin Watkins

SA, Drama

A bereft husband unwittingly invites a stranger to collect unwanted junk from his house, little does he know how close they truly are.


Remote Encounter

Directed by Dante Julian Niedzwiedz

Produced by Benjamin Raschella

SA, Drama

On an isolated property, a farmer comes across the last thing he wants to see – a superhero.



Directed and Produced by Samuel Chen

QLD, Documentary

In precarious proximity to the pace of a nearby road, is a short yet intimate glimpse into the life of a Heath Goanna


All Is Well

Directed by Shuying Liu

Produced by Wei Gao

SA, Drama

A young Chinese-Australian couple living in South Australia go about their Lunar New Year preparations against the backdrop of the global COVID-19 pandemic.


If I Were A Carpenter

Directed by Lawrence Cirocco

Produced by Georgia Cirocco

SA, Drama

A young man nervously prepares to propose when things take a turn for the worst.

Loren Kate – Nobody Knows

Directed by Cailtin McDougall and Benjamin Dowie

Produced by Caitlin McDougall

SA, Music Video

A mother reassures her daughter to hold on through the tough times in life.


A Queen of Hearts

Directed and Produced by Noemi Nesslauer and Poppy Weir

SA, School Drama

The gift of friendship is a precious thing. Letting go is difficult.


Picture Perfect

Directed and Produced by Angus Rawson

SA, Drama/Comedy

A struggling artist is reminded of their talent by a rubbish collector and decides to focus their efforts on creating a piece as a gift rather than trying to live up to their expectations of themselves.


The Art of Autism

Directed and Produced by Isaac Doman

SA, Documentary

A young individual diagnosed with Autism, Michael has his own talents and sees the world in a different light.



Directed by Harrison ‘Rizz’ Thomas

Produced by Fastest Fox Films

SA, Youth Drama

Arriving at Selma Primary intent on a fresh start, old patterns re-emerge as William attempts to escape his troubled past.



Directed by David Roberts

Produced by Alexandra Short

SA, Drama

Returning from his friend’s funeral, the protagonist is confronted with a gift left by his friend that triggers disturbing memories. Will he be able to confront the past or will he let it consume him?



Directed by Alexandra Short

Produced by Roisin Gleeson

SA, Drama

As a psychiatrist is clocking off for the night, he is interrupted by an upset patient asking for days off his detention order.


Her Final Gift

Directed and produced by Daniel Clarke 

SA, Documentary

The close-knit community of Kangaroo Island was left shattered after the death of a much-loved mother. A group continues her legacy – a unique art installation on the popular Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail.