Unleash Still 2

Unleashing body positivity through burlesque

Described as “inspirational, captivating and seamlessly sexy”, SA-produced documentary Unleash tells stories of female resilience through burlesque. 

Unleash follows twelve women of varying ages, cultural backgrounds and professions as they overcome personal adversities through the community they find in burlesque dancing classes, forming unlikely bonds as they prepare over nine weeks to perform on stage for the first time. 

Creative director Melony Cherrett says, “Each woman in this film demonstrates strength through embracing what makes them feel sexy. No matter their age, culture, background or circumstance, watching each woman’s individual journey of discovery through dance is truly inspiring and quite often tear-jerking.” 

Cassie Hipkiss found support in the dance community throughout her brain tumour battle. “I’ve embraced burlesque as a positive influence on my mental health, and I know there are so many others that have done the same,” says Cassie. “This film is important in demonstrating the effect that dance and community have in being able to change people’s lives.”

Unleash is screening in Wallis Cinemas for a very limited run from 19 to 27 November, so catch it while you can! Click here to check available sessions.

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